Passing UTMs through an Online Customer Form

We have a NetSuite Customer Online Form on one of our landing pages. This page gets traffic both from organic Google search, Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads, etc. If someone’s coming from Google Ads, I want to populate the lead source as Google SEM. If someone’s coming from LinkedIn Ads, I want to populate the lead source as LinkedIn SEM.

I get that you can set a predetermined lead source on the form, but I need it to be dynamic depending on where the traffic came from.

I added the “Lead Source” as one of the form fields. I’ve tried tirelessly to add to the URL string in an attempt to populate that field.

My URL looks like this:

I’ve tried countless variations of that URL, but can’t get the Lead Source field to prepopulate in the form. Any ideas?

Rookie Asked on June 17, 2021 in Marketing.
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Firstly, I’m not even sure if this will work but, if it will, I’m pretty sure you’ll need the field ID rather than the name here: >>> lead%20source <<< =Google%20SEM



Intermediate Answered on June 23, 2021.
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