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I have a client that is currently in the process of moving the webstore to SuiteCommerce Advanced and they have a want where they would like to have an outbound single sign-on setup to a 3rd party vendor website.  The ask is to have it so that when logged in customers on the SCA webstore go to specific item categories, they would be redirected to the 3rd party website with SSO.  There isn’t to be any redirecting back from the 3rd party website to NetSuite.  Just a one way SSO from the NetSuite SCA webstore to the 3rd party website.    I am trying to figure out exactly what I am going to need to do to accomplish this task.  From what I have found in research so far is that I should be able to use SuiteSignOn and use a Suitelet as a connection point.  Is this the right track?  Is there a better solution?  Any help would greatly appreciated.


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Just to left some useful info about it.

We have a couple of cases using Microsoft Azure B2C and NS SCA, allowing customer start session into Azure B2C SSO so they are able to navigate to SCA My Account Checkout and systems over Azure environment. An important consideration here is that SSO in NS SuiteCommerce Advanced is only supported for entire password protected websites records. Regardless it, you can get it works almost with the NS SSO out of the box feature.

Rookie Answered on April 25, 2022.
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