New to NetSuite and have no idea what I’m doing. Need help grabbing fields from sales order item fulfillment for a custom email template.

I have a button on view/edit of a Sales Order that will send an email to the customer with their tracking info but I can’t get all the tracking info I need into the email.

The following works to get my tracking numbers but I can’t retrieve the Ship Method.

 <#list transaction.linkedtrackingnumbers?split( " ") as trackingNumber>

I need to get the Ship Method from the Item Fulfillments attached to the Sales Order. I’m new to NetSuite so I don’t understand which ID I’m supposed to specify to make that happen.

I posted this question to r/NetSuite and they said I am “going to need a script to grab the ship method from the item fulfillment on beforeload”  but I don’t know where to begin doing that.

Any help is appreciated!



Rookie Asked on January 30, 2020 in Other.
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Unless you expect your item fulfillments to have different ship methods than the sales order, use ${transaction.shipmethod}

Making a robust solution that gets information from the item fulfillment will require some sort of customization to your account since that data is not found on the sales order. Im not sure how a User Event Script Before Load entry point would help you there.

Advanced Answered on January 30, 2020.

Thanks for the info. When we fulfill an item and update the Ship Method on that fulfillment, the Sales order Ship Method doesn’t reflect this change. As a workaround, I am currently getting the Ship Method from the Sales Order that has to be manually updated. I just thought I might try getting it from the Item Fulfillment instead if it wasn’t too much trouble. Don’t think I want to get into scripts to make this happen when it’s only a few seconds to update the Ship Method on the Sales Order after fulfillment. In the rare instances when we do happen to have various items with multiple ship methods, I think we’ll just add that tracking info to the email template manually.

on January 30, 2020.
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