NetSuite MRP freezes / locks up consistently around 38% mark


We have been using NetSuite MRP for about 15 months now and it has been going well until a couple of weeks back.

We have a scheduled MRP run that runs overnite at 1am NZ time    This overnight  MRP run always completes normally, no reported errors.  I believe our NetSuite instance runs via an Australian data center which handles Australia / NZ  / possibly some of Asia as well.

We have approx 500 assemblies with demand (excluding phantoms) and approx 1100 inventory parts with demand. It’s a bit of data but nothing mind boggling.

We run MRP (Complete refresh option)  over a 450 day horizon  over 2 locations (one location only has 2 parts). Until recently NetSuite has performed flawlessly (over 12 months) and does the full MRP refresh  in a matter of minutes each time. (typically less than 5 minutes for a full MRP run)

We have a business need to do  extra ad hoc MRP runs in the daytime as we have some make to order products so when we load a big sale for those we want to get the demand in the system and any purchase orders placed the same day.

A  few weeks things changed and  we found that if an extra MRP run was done in the daytime   then it got to around 38% through the Material Requirements Planning step and just locks up (freezes) and stays that way all day.  A major downtime issue for planning and purchasing staff as a result.

This lockup happens currently like 90% of the time we do daily ad hoc MRP runs.

We logged a ticket through our software providers and they seemed to imply that the problem was ours due to data volume and that we should either reduce our date horizon or fragment our MRP run  to reduce the data volume.   Neither of these options was palatable as we have component parts with widely spread use and also some raw material leadtime that are up to 12 months long so we really do want to keep doing the one single MRP run with 450 day planning horizon

The latest response from NetSuite says:

There are currently no errors at the back end and as previously communicated, this might have something to do with the amount of data being processed by the system.

We have yet to receive an update from our QA engineers but rest assured any significant advise they will give will be communicated to you.

The 3 things that jump out at me are

  1. This is a recent development, same volume of data / time horizon worked fine for > 12 months
  2.  When the MRP run locks up it is always around the 38% completion point in the run – within a range of say 38.5 – 39.2%
  3. The overnite run always works OK, so is the issue some  actually some data volume allocation issue ?

Anyone else experienced this MRP lock up problem before ?

It does my head in when it locks up as we are out of action for the rest of the day and we have lost lots of hours in recent time. I’m reluctant now to do any ad hoc MRP runs as if the system locks up then we lose too much time.

I found a planning error this morning and had to do an ad hoc MRP run and as a result our system has been locked up since 8am and I have 6 people who can’t do their jobs fully as a result.

Any advice / suggestions appreciated.


Christchurch NZ


Rookie Asked on April 30, 2023 in Manufacturing.
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Update – after sitting at 39.2% completion for a bit over 4 hours MRP finally completed.

The dates in the Supply Planning Event Log make it look like the MRP completed in a couple of minutes (which is usually the case) so don’t reflect the reality of the 4+ hours time lag between start and completion of MRP run.


Rookie Answered on April 30, 2023.
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look into getting additional suitecloud plus license – will speed up processes by allowing to have more governance limit

Advanced Answered on May 2, 2023.
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Hi Sam

thanks for the feedback

I had a look on Google which said:

A SuiteCloud Plus license increases an account’s throughput by permitting more concurrency for web services, scheduled processes and file imports. By adding SuiteCloud Plus licenses, customers can operate, in parallel, more web services integrations, batch processes and file imports.

We did use the NetSuite concurrency monitor the last time we did an MRP run – our allowance is 5 and at no time did we go above 2

We had a lockup last evening with MRP, and when I checked in the morning  the locked up run had terminated with an error message showing 6187 errors this time.

(Normally the locked up MRP run just completes normally, so this is a new development)

The message detail had a count parameter of 6187 and said “Bulk Processing Abnormal Termination”

I think the issue might be related to some data capacity issue on the MRP process, rather than the number of individual processes we are trying to run

Very frustrating as until recently we would do ad hoc MRP runs as required, whereas now we are treading on eggshells if we do a daytime MRP run and more likely than not it will lockup

Luckily the 1am MRP run has never locked up, else we would be really in deep trouble.  Maybe i shouldn’t tempt fate by saying this !

I wonder if NetSuite has any transaction volume monitoring tools that can help pin down what is going on when we get an MRP lockup

Rookie Answered on May 2, 2023.
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Nearly 4 weeks since NetSuite supplied a fix (details unknown) we have had no more MRP lockups and we can do ad hoc MRP runs as required.

Rookie Answered on June 26, 2023.


Any word on what the issue was or fix applied? We are looking at a similar issue now.


on March 11, 2024.
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