Netsuite Down?

Is Netsuite down for anyone else?

Team is reporting an in ability to navigate netsuite transactions as it is throwing up a  non-relevant error ? (screenshot attached – there is an existing search with that ID and we don’t use mass update so the few ancient ones don’t have IDs that go that high)

I find netsuite is coy about truly admitting issues

And this site doesn’t get enough visitors but shows people are reporting issues:

Anyone else have visibility?

Netsuite Down?

Rookie Asked on February 8, 2023 in Performance.
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Yes, NetSuite takes a long time to identify and post issues to All it really does in an automated fashion, is ping and report whether that page is actually up.  All the rest of it relies on users to submit cases through NetSuite support, for that to wind it’s way through various levels of support, and then for that to make its way to someone to post on, which obviously takes a bit.

I actually think the best place for getting the earliest messaging and for discussing in real-time about NetSuite being down/having issues is the #performance channel in the NetSuite Professionals slack channel. It’s not perfect, but I usually see people posting there about 5-10 minutes before NetSuite puts something up about a major outage.

That being said, every time I’ve ever seen an error similar to the screenshot you posted (and I’ve seen it a lot) it’s because either the shortcut/bookmark/link I had was bad, or because someone deleted something they shouldn’t have.  So I would chase down those two scenarios pretty hard before I assumed NetSuite itself was having issues.

Also, your message specifically says this is a SuiteScript error, so I’d check into the scripts you have running on said pages and see if those are referencing a mass update or (more likely) a saved search inside of them that has changed or been deleted.

Intermediate Answered on February 8, 2023.
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