data source Custom Field in Transaction Lines not available via API using Fivetran

We’re using data source still. The client has shown me the custom transaction line field they’ve added to their Journal Entries, which is a list based on Entities. This allows them to capture any customer/vendor associated with the JE.

We use Fivetran for the NS connection. When I review the schema in Fivetran I don’t even have a whiff of the field in the Transaction Lines tables.

The customer is connected using the Administrator Role (id = 3) (not TBA), so I tend to assume permissions isn’t the issue. But I am aware that custom objects always seem to be a little different. Client sent me a screenshot showing nothing input on the Access tab of the custom field and the Default Level = Edit (not Full).

Am I barking up the right tree with Permissions here?

Another wrinkle is I don’t have access to a Netsuite sandbox, so I can’t test any of this on my own.

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