NetSuite Account Statement and Sending – help

Account statement generation and sending – Help

I need help to generate an Account Statement PDF for customers that must embed any open document, thus meaning the following format:

\- Account statements (EUR/USD/RON)

\- Open invoices

\- Unapplied credit memos

Also, a CSV document needs to be generated to include the same information as the open documents in the PDF statement (all open invoices and unapplied credit memos), detailed up to the item line.

Second thing I need help with is sending and creating the emails to the customers.

The Account Statements should be generated and sent through two ways:

\- A button on the Customer Form

\- A scheduled script running once a month

The e-mail should use the below e-mail template, and be sent with the following headers:

\- To: Customer’s main contact, Customer’s accounting contact

\- Bcc: just email

\- Reply-To: just email

If the customer does not have any contacts, then it should be sent to its main e-mail address.

Email Template:

Sent from and reply to : Name Surname <email address>

Company logo image -> link to company website

**Here’s your open account statement**

Hi {{client contact name}} and {{client accounting name}},

We’ve attached your open account statement.

**Open amount details**

**USD :**

Total amount : YX

Due amount : YZ

Overdue since XY days

**EUR :**

Total amount : YX

Due amount : YZ

Overdue since XY days

Rookie Asked on August 3, 2020 in Billing.
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