Need to pull the data from a line field to a custom header field

I need to display the data from a transaction line on a saved search that has to be restricted to Main Line so that there is only one line for each transaction. But I also need to include the data in a line level field. The desired line data is the same on every line. I know I could create a search that groups line data to do that. But we need inline edit to work on the header memo field. They don’t want to drill down to edit the data. And inline edit doesn’t work on grouped searches.

I thought that maybe if I created a custom main line field, I could pull the line level data into that field. Then simple add that to the saved search. Is that possible? Or is there another way to get main and lien data on a search and make line edit active?

Rookie Asked on November 22, 2023 in Saved Searches.
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