Need to find value of all items not set to GENERATE ACCRUALS on IRs

We found some items that were incorrectly; they are set to NOT GENERATE ACCRUALS, They have been used on POs, and the corresponding IRs.  As one would expect, they are not hitting our General Ledger.

When an item that is set to not generate accrual,  is Item Receipted, the IR has a blank for the rate field.

I need to create a search that will find the IRs with items not set to generate accrual, and the value of what was received and not accrued. As this value is not showing on the IR, i am at a loss of how to gather this without digging into hundreds of IRs and POS.

Rookie Asked on October 7, 2023 in Items.
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Try creating a saved search (Transaction) with the following criteria:

Filter | Description

Type | is Item Receipt

Main Line | is true

Item : Type | is any of Inventory Item, Other Charge, Service, Non-inventory Item

Item : Generate Accruals | is false

The default results should include the amounts. Does this still return too many results to be helpful?

Rookie Answered on October 9, 2023.
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