Need to create a search for projects with only business manager as resourse assine

need list of project in NetSuite where project resource assign is only  Business manager.

Means resource role should be only business manager none of other resources should be assigned to that project

Rookie Asked on October 7, 2019 in Projects.
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In your Criteria set the Project Resource = Business manager.  Then add summary functions to your results to Group by Project and Count by Project Resource.  Finally in your Criteria on the Summary criteria add Count of Project Resource =  1.

Intermediate Answered on October 7, 2019.
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Thanks for the quick response James. I have tried this but still not geeting the correct result.

I need list of projects with only business manager as assigned resource.If the project has business manager and other resources we do not need that project in the search.Only projects with Business manager .



Rookie Answered on October 8, 2019.
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