Multi price level per Customer (pricing by item category/class)

Hi all. Here’s the scenario. We sell both Fabric Trim and Hardware.

We are working to update out pricing (well overdue for an increase) by updating our base prices and making our price levels (currently hard coded on each item from Netsuite implementation) be % based. To make things easier and more consistent moving forward.

I know how to assign an item level to a customer. But I do not see how I can define a percentage difference by item class (i.e. Trim or Hardware) or assign multiple item levels to a customer that can be class specific.

For example, Customer A buys both Trim and Hardware. They get a -15% discount on Hardware and a -25% discount on Trim. Customer B may get a -10% on Hardware and -25% on Trim.

How can I implement this need? Much thanks.


Rookie Asked on May 16, 2022 in How To's.
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