Manufacturing Location vs Costings across multiple locations

We have recently (5 mths) gone live on Netsuite.

Its starting to be apparent that some settings/decisions (with good intentions) made may not have had the best outcomes for us.

We have 5 locations in our entity.   Only 1 of which is a manufacturing unit.

However due to the way our items / costing methods were set up (we are using standard costing) – we need to have the BOMs / Routings set up for all locations – so that the correct standard cost prices are showing identical for all locations.

This means that when a Make to Order (special work order item = True) comes into a location that is not the manufacturing unit – it will create the WO on that non-manufacturing unit – purely due to the fact the BOM and routings are available there…

Is there a way to configure our assemblies so that:

  • We go back to having one manufacturing location only
  • have the resulting standard costs applied to ALL locations within the entity.


As for the first item above – by removing the BOMs and Routings from the non-manufacturing locations, that should solve that issue …  however do want the standard cost of the item at the manufacturing unit to be the standard cost for ALL the locations.

If we removed the bom and routings from the other locations – then currently the standard cost price would be 0 – which is not ideal….

Rookie Asked on May 12, 2022 in How To's.
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