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Has anyone identified a workaround or solution provider that will allow easy report customizations for localized accounts?   For example, we have global COA with local references on account numbers.  The only way we can organize the localized accounts to roll up to the categories required by any given country is to manually add them all to custom headers.   I’ve tried making custom field references on the accounts to use as a grouping field, but this would get impossibly complex where we have one account with 9 different countries.   Having to manually update every time an account is added would also be a pain.


Many Thx for your feedback.

Rookie Asked on December 19, 2019 in Reports.
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If I’m understanding correctly you have custom account groupings based off the localized numbering for  9 different countries/localities. I assuming that you have a consistent numbering schema within each country/localization, and the primary issue is that the localized number is not available in the Financial Layout section criteria. If I’ve understood the issue correctly, I think you have two different options here:

  1. If you want to use reports, I think you’ll just need to suck it up and manually build the 9 different reports, each with their own financial layout, based on the local grouping, but using the available criteria, like main account number, location, class, etc.  You’re correct in that this will be a giant pain to maintain, as you might have to edit all 9 reports when an account is added, but hopefully that’s not too frequent, and adding to the COA usually has a rather rigorous approval process anyway.  Obviously, I’d also request and enhancement or vote for it if it’s already there, but we all know that waiting for enhancements to get done is a fools errand.
  2. Alternatively, if you’re really against the idea of 9 different reports you have to manually maintain, you could build the financials using saved searches. It’s still going to be 9 different searches and this is going to require a boatload of experience with formulas/SQL expressions, but at least there you can reference the localized account number and could potentially get this to a place where you don’t have to touch it going forward.  The only issue/limitation here would be that if you have a lot of levels of groupings, that might be pretty tricky to do without some post-export manipulation.

I’m very good with saved searches and formulas, but even so I’d probably still go with option 1.  Although it’s tedious in the extreme, I think it’s a little safer and easier to work with.  However, at most companies I’ve worked at we only add accounts maybe one or two times a year, if that, and if you have a different experience that would make option 2 a lot more attractive.

Sorry I don’t have more helpful answers. I think the short version is that there’s not a silver bullet unless/until NetSuite adds Localized Account Number to the Financial Layout criteria options.

Intermediate Answered on December 20, 2019.
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