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Looking for some way of adding lines between the items on a packing slip – just to make it easier when there is a long list of items – using the Advanced PDF/HTML template

Beginner Asked on November 16, 2022 in How To's.
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So if I recall correctly you have to go into the source code to do it. On the top right there should be a “Source Code” Radio button right next to the preview button.  If you’re not used to that this next part will be hard to explain. Basically all the cells where you want the line,  they will say something like


You want to change that to say:

<td border-bottom=”0.5px” >${item.quantity}</td>

If it already has something like an alignment ect that’s fine, see below for example:

<td align=”right” border-bottom=”0.5px” rowspan=”2″>${item.quantity}</td>

You should be aware though that changing between the page editor and the source code can cause issues. You may have to redo some of your prior changes. For just a bottom line on the cells, you should be ok.

There might be a cleverer way to do this, but this is what I did and it worked just fine for me.


Beginner Answered on November 16, 2022.

Thanks very much – ended up using <td style=”border-bottom: 0.5px;”> but you put me on the right track thankyou

on November 16, 2022.

I bet there are some differences depending on if you use cell spacing or other cell formatting types. I looked into my own forms and for some cells, I obviously managed to add the line without doing the “Style” and for others I clearly had to. I’m glad I could help, I spent ages trying to figure that out for myself back when we decided to do the forms in Advanced PDF. They’re hard to work with but man you can do some amazing things.

on November 22, 2022.
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