Journal Entry Import Error – The amounts in a journal entry must balance.

I’m having issues with Trial Balance import.
Steps that I followed:
  1. Downloaded the template from Documents > File Cabinet > SuiteBundles
  2. Our HEADER line is as follows:
    entry no| trandate | subsidiary | journalItemLine_memo | journalItemLine_account | journalItemLine_debit | journalItemLine_credit |journalItemLine_department
  3. Our line item for this is something like this:
    1. EXAMPLEAUG2020 | 8/31/2020 | 4 | Test Journal | 1842| 4322526.31|0.00||Balance Sheet
  4. We have used internal ID for Subsidiary and Account
  5. Also we select ADD in Step 2 of the import.
  6. The error that we get is – “The amounts in a journal entry must balance.
  7. Looked up in SuiteAnswers and have followed as recommended.
  8. I’ve even tried maintaining one AMOUNT column for debit & credit with ‘-‘ sign for credit. We still get the same error.
Any tips and suggestions that any of you might have faced and found solution for this is appreciated. Thanks.
Rookie Asked on October 29, 2020 in Accounting.
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