Item Search with PO Expected Receipt Date “Buckets” and subsequent SO supply Required By Date QTYs

Hi All,

I am needing to create an Item saved search that shows all incoming POs, by Expected Receipt Date, the NEXT incoming PO receipt Date, with QTYs and then on the same row show the SO QTY with the supply required date that falls in between the PO expected receipt date and next PO expected receipt date.

I have a search showing these columns, but can’t get the sales order quantities to show in the formulas I am creating.

please see attached image of the results, and the formulas I am using to define the columns, additional to these I need a column that calculates SO QTY when the Supply Required By Date on SO is between PO EXPECTED RECEIPT DATE and MAX OF NEXT PO DATE

Any ideas? Thanks in advance





Rookie Asked on January 5, 2021 in Saved Searches.

Or alternatively if anyone has any way you can report on both inbound shipments and purchase orders in the same search, that would be great.

Thanks, Jordan

on January 6, 2021.
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