Is this possible to Add Custom Record Type Sublist fields in NetSuite Advanced PDF/HTML Template

I am trying to add a custom record type sublist on an Itemfufillmet packingslip Advanced PDF/Templetes template.

I tried below two but it’s not working.

Is it possible to do this with advanced PDF/HTML temples? if not what is the best way to do this?


<#if record.MY_CUSTOMRECORD?has_content>
<table class=”itemtable” style=”width: 100%;”><!– start  –><#list record.MY_CUSTOMRECORD as sublist ><#if sublist_index==0>
<th colspan=”12″>${sublist.custrecord_field@label}</th>
<td colspan=”12″>${sublist.custrecord_field}</td>
</#list><!– end  –></table>


<#list record.MY_CUSTOMRECORD as sublist>


Rookie Asked on February 9, 2023 in Other.
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