Is there hope for TBA insanity?

Pressing F5 literally within moments of each other.  Getting in half the time, but 401/403 blocked half the time, sporadically/randomly, no pattern discerned (yet).

Running HelloWorld restlet, using TBA + OTP.

Trying at different times of day, from differing servers/networks/connections.

All else unchanged, except the TIMESTAMP (every second), NONCE (every request), and OTP code (every 30 secs).

Have tried REST WS, RESTlet, SOAP.

Not discerning any patterns, except ~ 50/50 go/no-go.

Investigating if cause could be round-robin DNS…our unique URL provided by ONS ( returns 2 public IP addresses, and HTTP_HEADERS received include Akamai cache ID+code…wondering if this could be related to the 50/50 confusion…investigating via locally spoofing DNS to return only one single public IP address for our URL — will add here what I discover.

Any idea on possible cause?  TIA

Rookie Asked on August 10, 2023 in Best Practices.
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I’ve been holding off to see if anyone else has any input but given the silence, I’ll add my thoughts.

There’s quite a big difference between 401 and 403 – are you able to provide the breakdown of how often you are receiving each of these?

Are there any further details in the body of the response?

Intermediate Answered on August 19, 2023.
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