Is it possible to load a saved search in script and change the column that it is sorted by?

I use a saved search for a Suitelet and want to get around the limitation that the native column sort ONLY sorts the data on the current page. Instead, my client wants the entire dataset re-sorted.

I can get the columns off the search object after I load the search, and I try to overwrite the search.columns[i].sort element with “DESC” and set the default column to “NONE” but the results are not showing the data sorted.

Unfortunately, I think I need to create a NEW scripted search… which is a pain in the behind but not the worst. Anyone ever figure out how to change the sort direction of an existing saved search in script??

Scripting in 2.0 ~~~ any/all help helps!

var searchA = search.load({ id : 1430});

var columns = searchA .columns;

columns[1].sort = "NONE";

columns[8].sort = "DESC";

Beginner Asked on October 1, 2019 in SuiteScript.

The sort property might be read-only. It’s not actually documented as a property on the Column object, and with some quick testing in the console I was unable to change the sort order. I was essentially trying the same approach as you, using the search.Sort enum values instead.

on October 1, 2019.
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After you create a column, you cannot change the sort order of the column. If you use the same column in another search and specify a new sort order, the previous sort order is still used.

Make a new columnn to replace the one you want to change

Advanced Answered on October 1, 2019.
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Thanks for the quick responses! Yes so my approach is:

  1. Field on SL for the column you want to sort by, another field for Descending (checkbox)
  2. Load the saved Search in script, if there is a column to sort by:
  3. Get columns of existing saved search
  4. Create a NEW scripted search, same type, maybe add a filter to remove “blank” values – I have noticed the sort descending assumes blanks are first?
  5. Iterate through columns, create NEW search columns and push onto an array
    • If the column is the column to sort by, set the sort attribute for that search column
  6. Run the search

So going to test how this affects pagination… I noticed when I changed the saved search sort on the actual saved search definition, the “pageNumbers” changed to the sorted appreviation (A-H) changes to (0-12) when sorting on name vs. quantity.


Hope this helps someone else dealing with the same issue!

Beginner Answered on October 2, 2019.
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