Is it possible to have a hyperlink from a Netsuite report or saved search to take you to view something on external website from Excel?

Hi there,

my first netsuite question. 🙂

We have an NS with a OEM (order entry module) system which also does order tracking.

is it possible when doing reporting (specifically backorder reports) to have a link per record (Sales order) which looks up the order number in the OEM system – the OEM system has it’s own unique identifier.

It would mean we can click directly on the  unique identifier (order number the OEM has created) to view the order status in the OEM system. rather than copying and pasting each line each time into the OEM, hoping it would just hyperlink into an excel report.


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You have two options:


 Continuing with a Report or using a saved search. 

  1. To continue with a report, the easiest way is to take it out of NetSuite and into excel using a “web query”.  This is located in the report setup page under “other Options”

RE: Is it possible to have a hyperlink from a Netsuite report or saved search to take you to view something on external website from Excel?

This will give you a link that will open in excel and bring in live data. 

Now run the report and you will get a new icon on the bottom right:

RE: Is it possible to have a hyperlink from a Netsuite report or saved search to take you to view something on external website from Excel?

Clicking on this will provide a link that you use to open an excel file and live report data will flow in.  The exported live data is not always formatted the best but that can sometimes be adjusted by changing the report layout a bit to make it just right. 

Then in excel, you can create a new column that stores the hyperlink in excel that will allow you to click on it and take you directly to the OEM order. 

So now every time you open this excel file, it will grab fresh data and present it. Your hyperlinks in the column you added should update to the new reference columns you used to create them.  


2. The alternative method is to do with a saved search.  This is my preferred method but requires you to create a saved search based on the backorder report:


So you can use something like this in a text formula to create a hyperlink in a saved search.  This is assuming you can at least access the internal id of the order that the OEM has created from a saved search, but it sounds like you can since you are copying and pasting some data already.

So to set this up, on a saved search, create a result column of type formula(Text).  Copy the below into the formula box, replace the NNNNNN with your account number. The rest should work for you as long as you are following what I’m doing here with the {internalid} field.  If that is not the right internalid field, then you may have to go into a sub-record to grab the internalid but don’t get discouraged.


For example,  my sales order url looks like this:

where NNNNN is my Netsuite instance ID and 12345678 is the internalid of the Sales Order.  If I can get a saved search to show the internalid 12345678, then I    can turn that into a hyperlink to the record like this:

'<a href=' || {internalid} || ' target=_blank>OEM Order</a>'

You can make it a bit more fancy by replacing the "OEM Order" with the actual Document ID (tranid) like this:
'<a href=' || {internalid} || ' target=_blank>{tranid}</a>'

But honestly, Management might find this advantageous to poke around and drill down using hyperlinks in searches, but all it does is create more clicks. Whatever information you need from the OEM order you open, you should just display it on the saved search so the user doesn’t have to click. I would encourage to use the highlighting feature in the save search to draw attention to an order that needs work done so they don’t just have to look at “black and white data”.

If they need to approve the order or change a field, I would encourage you to use the inline edit method to do this so the work can be done on a single page to avoid switching back and forth between tabs and having to save click the save button.

Good Luck



Rookie Answered on February 2, 2022.
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