Inventory item – end of life

Hi, how can i mark “end of life” for inventory item?
I wanna be able to use the item in work order but, I don’t want to be able to order it. i wanna be blocked to order it.


thank you

Rookie Asked on January 13, 2021 in Items.
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Start by customizing your item record to have a boolean checkbox field for “EOL” “Discontinued”.

Next created an item saved search that will filter out these items from your results.

You will then use this search to filter the item drop down on the Purchase Order form.

You can find a more detailed steps in SuiteAnswer Answer Id: 9048


You can take this a step further and create a schedule saved search that will alert you when an item is EOL and has zero on hand quantity.

Take that list and inactivate the items to further prevent ordering and keep your catalog tidy.

Rookie Answered on January 13, 2021.
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