Integrating Netsuite back-end into Snowflake – how to find the exact currency exchange rates?

I’m using imported back-end tables from Netsuite in Snowflake.

I’m trying to determine exact exchange rates for foreign currency transactions to get the identical totals Netsuite has on the front-end. So I tried using Netsuite’s “Currency” and “CurrencyRate” tables, but the amounts I am getting are incorrect.

The exchange rates from the table don’t seem the same as those used on the front-end. Every amount I get is off by a little, which adds up when there are many transactions.

Is there another table I should keep an eye out for, or do they do something completely different to keep track of all the effective exchange rates on the back-end? Here’s the query I have so far:

    transline.transaction, as line_item_id, 
    tran.currency as transaction_currency, 
    tran.trandate::date as trandate, 
    tran.TRANID as netsuite_document_number, 
    cr.exchangerate as actualexchangerate, 
        when cr.exchangerate not like 'null' then (cr.exchangerate * transline.creditforeignamount)
        else creditforeignamount
    end), 2) as amount
from transactionline transline
inner join transaction tran 
on = transline.transaction
left join currencyrate cr 
on (tran.currency = cr.transactioncurrency 
and tran.custbody_cust_primcurrfxrate = cr.basecurrency 
and tran.closedate = cr.effectivedate)

Rookie Asked on July 13, 2022 in How To's.
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