Installment Shipments

My company needs a way of partially shipping some of the items saved in an order.

For example, one order has the following items:

itemID.      quantity.   shipment date

123                 10               TBD

223                 10               TBD


Later on, our customer asks us to partially ship some of the items so it’s going to be like the following:

The original order:

itemID.      quantity.   shipment date

123                 5               TBD

223                 5               TBD

The new order and shipment transactions get created :

itemID.     quantity.     shipment date

123               5                     2020/8/1

223               5                     2020/8/1


Is this even possible to do it with suitscript?  If possible, how can I do it?

I am still new to suitscript so it would be great if someone can guide me through to achieve the above result.


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To create a fulfilment in Suitescript, you need to carry out a transform operation from Sales Order to Item Fulfilment (nlapiTransformRecord in SS1 or record.transform in SS2)

The fulfilment will try and default to the full order amounts. To partially fulfil, you need to remove lines, or edit line quantity before submitting the transformed record.

If you’re new to Suitescript, you ought to be using SS2. See Suiteanswer 71635 for an example of partial fulfilment with line removal. To partially fulfil a line, you just need to amend the quantity line field instead.

Beginner Answered on August 12, 2020.
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