Inconsistant INVALID_LOGIN_ATTEMPT after change HMAC-SHA1 to HMAC-SHA256

  1. Hello,

    On 22 june, I changed the signature method for authentification from HMAC-SHA1 to HMAC-SHA256.
    After that I noticed an error INVALID_LOGIN_ATTEMPT, but not all time.
    Indeed, after try to update 10 account (one by one) I got 5 success and 5 error.
    I can send one specific account 10 time and got 10 error or 10 success.
    I work with Talend but I tried with Postman and the same behavior appeared.

    Thanks in Advance

Rookie Asked on June 29, 2021 in SuiteTalk.

We’ve filed a support ticket for this to no avail.  Short answer that support will provide is that this just happens and you should build in retries.

on October 6, 2021.
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