In a saved search I want all sales order including return authorization.

The problem is when I select return authorization in  criteria I get all those  documents whose return authorization there. I have to select return authorization in criteria because I need fields of Return Authorization.

Rookie Asked on December 1, 2020 in How To's.
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The way to do this is via formula text.

CASE WHEN {applyingtransaction.type} = ‘Return Authorization’ THEN {applyingtransaction} ELSE NULL END

That will give the Return Authorization record.

To get any other field just replace the {applyingtransaction} with the field from the applying transaction which is accessible through the formula function.

CASE WHEN {applyingtransaction.type} = ‘Return Authorization’ THEN {applyingtransaction} ELSE NULL END

The only issue with this is that you can’t filter very well on this and none of your fields from the Return Authorization will be hyperlinks, but it will get you all SO’s along with any associated Return Authorizations if any. But this won’t capture any Return Authorizations not associated with an SO.

Beginner Answered on December 1, 2020.
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