How to use the Electronic Bank Payments Bundle to pad the end of a NACHA file?

For a NACHA file, the number of records must be divisible by 10.  The end of your file must be padded with 9’s to make it divisible by 10.  Example:  if the total number of records in your file was 98, you would create 2 records at the end of the with 9’s in position 01-94.

Is there a  way to set the electronic bank payments bundle to do this for you automatically?

Rookie Asked on January 10, 2022 in SuiteApps.
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Here’s what I found in the helpfile in NetSuite for the company bank details setup:

Complete the fields on the DD Template Details subtab.

Field Description
Immediate Origin Enter your company’s 10-digit number assigned by the bank.
Routing Number Enter the bank’s transit routing number.
Account Number Enter your company’s bank account number.
Immediate Destination Name Enter the name of the bank’s site where the payment will be processed.
Create Balanced Files Check this box to include a contra record line in the payment file to create a balanced file. Check whether your bank requires this for EFT transactions.
Company ID Enter your company’s tax Id or the company number assigned by your bank.
Bank Account Type Select Checking or Savings to indicate the bank account type.
Add Pad Blocks Check this box to add lines with “9” characters at the end of the payment file when the total number of records is not a multiple of 10. Check whether your bank requires this option for EFT transactions.


Beginner Answered on January 10, 2022.

I missed this on the setup! Thanks so much for pointing this out.  Changing now and will follow back.

on January 10, 2022.
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