How to Transform a Sales Order to Item Fulfillment with Inventory Detail via SuiteScript?

I want to transform sales order to item fulfillment with inventory details. I found a sample on suiteanswers. But I am unsure about how to access values like issueinventorynumber, binnumber, quantity to set on inventory details record. In the sample code they have hardcoded these values. I will appreciate your help.


var ifRec = nlapiTransformRecord('salesorder', , 'itemfulfillment');
ifRec.selectLineItem('item', 1);
ifRec.setCurrentLineItemValue('item', 'location', 1);
var ifDetail = ifRec.createCurrentLineItemSubrecord('item', 'inventorydetail');
ifDetail.setCurrentLineItemValue('inventoryassignment', 'issueinventorynumber', 25); 
//lot number's Internal ID
ifDetail.setCurrentLineItemValue('inventoryassignment', 'binnumber', 1); //bin 
number's Internal ID
ifDetail.setCurrentLineItemValue('inventoryassignment', 'quantity', 1);
var ifID = nlapiSubmitRecord(ifRec);
Beginner Asked on February 27, 2024 in SuiteScript.
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