How to print sales order line level deposit amount on PDF

We have orders with multiple lines on them. Each line represents a shipment.  Each shipment requires a deposit against it when the order is placed.  Each line requires full payment against it prior to shipping.

How can i print to show the deposit amount required/remaining for each line of the order?  requireddepositamount is only showing the total amount required.

Rookie Asked on March 16, 2022 in How To's.
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Do you have a field that houses the amount already paid at the line level? If so you should be able to use freemarker to do the math for what you need just going to assume for sake of example that the field is called custcol_amountpaid.

${(requireddepositamount – custcol_amountpaid)?string.currency}

This will display the currency value (including $) for the amount remaining.

It may also be required that the data exist at the line level already, so you may have to add a new field to hold  custcol_amountremaining if the first option doesn’t work.

Rookie Answered on March 16, 2022.
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