how to mark expense reports paid after being reimbursed through third party payroll


I have a situation where we use NS to enter and approve the expense reports. As I understand when expense reports are approved a JE is created Debiting Expenses and Crediting Accounts Payable.

We use workday to reimburse these expenses every payroll, and the JE created via workday is Debiting the Accounts Payable and crediting Cash.

So, I am confused as to how to mark those expense reports as paid in NS when we run open bills reports in NS.

Rookie Asked on March 20, 2024 in Accounting.
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Two options:


  1. Instead of creating a journal entry, you will have to create a payment against the expense report. You can do this via integration.
  2. One work around I can think of is instead of accounts payable, credit your expense reports to a credit card account (dummy). This is because the system will treat the expense report as paid as soon as the expense report is approved. Then every month-end, clear the balance of the credit card account via a journal entry.
Rookie Answered 6 days ago.
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