How to get Last Backorder Qty Change in a saved search criteria/results?

Hi, all,

We are trying to create a saved search of type “Item” in which criteria will be based on the last Inventory change in the backorder qty. This is for an inventory sync job which picks up inventory change for certain products – we do not want to send inventory sync for all products as there are a lot of products and hence the inventory sync job will not work perfectly as it errors out or times out sometimes because of the number of products. If we use “Last Quantity Available” change then it will only give me only those products whose qty available changed for the location-for the backordered products, the last qty available will stay the same (0). Hence this search (built on last qty change)  won’t give me products for whom backorder qty also changed. For this reason, heavily back-ordered products are delayed until they actually are no longer backordered and hence has a change in their last qty available. We want to avoid this delay but we cannot make the search open to run for every product – we want to run it only for three kinds of products. How do we achieve this?

  1. Products that got updated in their System Notes in the last one hour- possible. OR
  2. Products whose “Last Quantity Available Change” returns a value in the last one hour. – Possible OR
  3. Products whose “Last Backorder Quantity Change” returns a value in the last one hour. – Not possible as per NetSuite support. It’s an enhancement as per them.
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