How to extract Saved Searches & Reports data using SuiteAnalytics Connect Service (ODBC)?

As per documentation:- the SuiteAnalytics Connect Service enables you to run queries against two different data sources:

1) data source – Uses the only schema available up to 2018.2 to retrieve data.
2) data source – Uses the new schema available from 2019.1 for SuiteAnalytics Connect shared with the SuiteAnalytics Workbook, saved searches and reports.

While setting up the Suite Analytics connect ODBC driver, I selected as the data source. However, I don’t see any saved searches created in Netsuite UI, even after sharing that with the specific user/role. Though, I could see many other tables (as in Analytics Browser) and custom datasets etc.

It says that this new data source ( applies role-based access restrictions and that Users can query only data that they can access in the SuiteAnalytics Workbook user interface.

Then, how do I access the saved searches & reports created in NetSuite UI via Connect (ODBC) service ? Or it only allows to access saved workbooks and datasets ?

Looking only via ODBC method, not SuiteScript/SOAP/RESTful Webservices/API’s.

Further to add, it seems like all these tables/views (a.k.a datasets) are from Analytics module using a “unified” & aggregated data layer (instead of base tables from which actual Saved Search & Reports are based off) from which you can create SuiteAnalytic Workbooks that provides similar functionalities like Saved Searches & Reports, but with some additional features. These workbooks are based on top of NetSuite provided standard/analytical tables/views/datasets.

Hence, in short – direct access to these datasets that we see in NetSuite UI would allow us to create saved searches/reports etc indirectly outside NetSuite. I was under impression that  we would also have the schema/view of the saved searches/reports/workbooks provided and available with NetSuite ODBC driver, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Some 3rd party ODBC providers do provide these it seems:-

Rookie Asked on August 6, 2020 in SuiteAnalytics Connect.
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