How to extract Invoice Related Records using transaction search.


We are trying to extract the Invoice from Netsuite along with the related records. We are able to extract the Invoice and Lines without any issues but we  are not able to extract the Related Records of Invoice which has Credit Memo’s and Journal Entries. Below are the sample code we use.

TransactionSearch transactionsSearch = new TransactionSearch();
TransactionSearchBasic transactionSearchBasic = new TransactionSearchBasic();
transactionSearchBasic.type = new SearchEnumMultiSelectField();
transactionSearchBasic.type.@operator = SearchEnumMultiSelectFieldOperator.anyOf;
transactionSearchBasic.type.operatorSpecified = true;
transactionSearchBasic.type.searchValue = new string[] { “_invoice” };
ransactionsSearch.basic = transactionSearchBasic;
SearchPreferences sp = new SearchPreferences();
sp.pageSize = fetch_count;
sp.pageSizeSpecified = true;
sp.bodyFieldsOnly = false;
_service.searchPreferences = sp;
SearchResult result =;

It is a production issue so any help is highly appreicated.

Thanks and Regards


Rookie Asked on February 24, 2021 in SuiteTalk.
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To get related records you need to join to them.  I do not know the suitetalk syntax for doing that but they can be reached with applying transaction and applied to transaction joins (depends which direction you want to go).

Intermediate Answered on February 24, 2021.

Thank you for your help SouthsideSandii, Please let us know if you get any info on the syntax.

on February 25, 2021.
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Is there anybody having idea on the above? Please let us know.

Thanks and Regards


Rookie Answered on February 25, 2021.
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Advanced Searches in SOAP Web Services

Expect to know how to make this search in the ui using the Applying Transaction or Applied To Transaction joins.

Advanced Answered on February 25, 2021.
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