How to allow Role to upload file

I am trying to give permission to a role to allow it to upload a file on the Communication->File tab of a requisition.

Beginner Asked on September 23, 2020 in Administration.
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Start with Lists > Documents and Files.


If you ever need to figure out what permission you might need to give to a role to get access to it, here is a great way to test.

  • Create a new role from scratch, give it a title like “Zero Permissions”
  • Give that role absolutely no permissions to anything.
  • Assign the new role to yourself
  • In your admin role (or best role you have) navigate to the page that you want to give someone access to and copy the URL.
  • Login to your new “Zero Permissions” role.
  • Navigate to the URL that you just copied.
  • You will receive an error from NetSuite that informs you of the permission that you need to access this URL.

RE: How to allow Role to upload file


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Intermediate Answered on September 23, 2020.
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