How to add disc. amount in Saved Search to calculate

Hi teams!


I am trying to build a Saved Search where I can see the vendor bill and bill payment amounts including the discounted amounts.

I know that NetSuite has an Enhancement to display/expose disc. amount but here is my request and need some guidance:

A bill is of 1000 SUD, has a 200 USD discount and total Bill Payment is 800 USD

I would like the Saved Search to show in 3 columns the following:
Column 1: Vendor Bill 1000 USD

Column 2: Disc. Amount 200 USD

Column 3: Bill Payment Amount 800 USD (or at least Column 1 – Column 2)

I managed to make the above work however when there are 2 bills for the same vendor and 1 bill payment for both vendor bill the Saved Search and formula don’t like it


Any help will be highly appreciated


How to add disc. amount in Saved Search to calculate



Rookie Asked on December 7, 2020 in Saved Searches.
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