How to add 2 saved search results into a third?

Hi Team. Complete NetSuite Newbie here and I am struggling with getting my saved search to work. So here are the basics. I am working on an Invoice.

I created a saved search that gives me a $$ total of all “Item 1s” listed in the invoice. It works correctly.

I created another saved search that gives me the total of “Item 2s” listed in the invoice but only if they are marked with a custom tick. This is also calculated correctly.

I am trying to create a 3rd saved search that needs to add the results of the above 2.

So far I have either come up with a blank or some ridiculous inflated number that does not make any sense. I’m hoping somebody is able to help me.

Rookie Asked on March 25, 2022 in Saved Searches.
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in you search criteria check the “use expression” box and then use parenthesis to create 2 sets of criteria (1 for each of your 2 searches above ) then use “OR”  as a separator between these two conditions. Most like i would work.

Advanced Answered on March 28, 2022.
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