How is NetSuite coming up with the buildable quantity in the Assembly Build screen?

How is NetSuite coming up with the buildable quantity in the Assembly Build screen?
Assembly build is returning a number slightly less than the intended Assembly Build quantity, the quantity entered. And trying to understand if there is a constraining item and why. Have been struggling to declare assembly build, believe this to be linked.
Yes it says this, “The Committed field displays the total number of assemblies that are committed to sales on associated assembly builds. ” But why is that the description for “Buildable” ? It’s not field “Committed”.
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Have you looked at this SuiteAnswer? This might show you the available components so you can figure out what is holding you up.

Maximum Buildable Quantity for Assembly based on direct component quantity levels

Published 09/02/2014 06:29 PM   |    Updated 05/10/2022 06:17 AM   |    Answer Id: 39671


Create a Item Saved Search to show the maximum buildable quantity for assembly items based on the current on hand quantities of its components.


1. Go to Lists > Search > Saved Searches > New > Item

2. Under the Criteria tab > Standard subtab, enter the following:

Type is Assembly/Bill of Materials

Member Item Fields… > Inventory Location > {select the location of the component quantity}

3. Under Results tab > Columns subtab, enter the following:

Name > Summary Type: Group

Member Item

Member Quantity

Member Item Fields… > Location On Hand

Formula (Numeric) > Summary Type: Minimum > Formula: nvl(({memberitem.locationquantityonhand}/{memberquantity}),0) | Set the Summary Label for the Formula (Numeric) Field as “Maximum Buildable Quantity”

4. Click Save & Run.

The list will show you the Maximum Buildable quantity of the Assembly based on the quantity of the components in the Location indicated in the Criteria Tab.

Beginner Answered on May 12, 2022.
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