How do I trigger an event based script from another scheduled script?

All of our orders go through an event based workflow that runs on create, view and update. This workflow prevents the order from going from pending approval to pending fulfillment based on several different types of criteria. If a criteria is not met, we have a drop down field that states “hold” and prevents the workflow from changing the order to pending fulfillment .  If the criteria is met, it updates the drop down field to “pass”. If all fields are pass, it updated the order to a status of pending fulfillment. This workflow works beautifully.

Here is the issue: I am creating another workflow that is scheduled to update the order to meet the criteria and change the drop down from “hold” to “pass”.  By doing this, it should  trigger the event based workflow above, but it is not. The last action in the workflow is initiating the above workflow. Any help is appreciated.

Rookie Asked on June 9, 2022 in SuiteFlow.
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Probably a little late, but check out “Trigger User Events Scripts When Using a Scheduled Workflow Action” SuiteAnswers ID 40818.  I believe you’re having the same problem as described in that your event based workflow is a user event action.

Intermediate Answered on October 25, 2022.
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