How do I modify a transfer order when it is created via Celigo integration?

I have a SuiteScript that edits two custom fields (number of line items and total units) when a transfer order is created.  It works great when a user creates the transfer order through the UI but doesn’t run when the transfer order is created by our integration with Celigo (which accounts for 99% of the TO’s we generate).


* @NApiVersion 2.x

* @NScriptType UserEventScript



function (record) {

function afterSubmit(context) {

try {

//initialize variable for total quantity

var totalQuantity = 0;

// count number of lines in 'item' sublist

var transferOrder = context.newRecord;

var itemCount = transferOrder.getLineCount('item');

//for each line in the 'item' sublist, add value in quantity column to the total quantity variable

for (var i = 0; i < itemCount; i++) {

lineLevelQuantity = transferOrder.getSublistValue('item', 'quantity', i)

if (lineLevelQuantity != '' && lineLevelQuantity != null) {

totalQuantity += parseInt(lineLevelQuantity);



//These lines below will update these fields before the record is saved

var id = record.submitFields({

type: 'transferorder',


values: {

'custbody_to_item_quantity': totalQuantity,

'custbody_to_line_items': itemCount,

'firmed': true


options: {

enableSourcing: false,

ignoreMandatoryFields: true



//Debugging if anything goes wrong

} catch (e) {


title: 'Error Details',

details: e



return {

afterSubmit: afterSubmit



Rookie Asked on November 9, 2020 in SuiteScript.
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