How do I customize item fulfillment email?

I have figured out how to customize emails before but this one is a little different. I go to setup->accounting->customize fulfillment email. When I do the below is the default. Changing the css and html change on the email so I know this is the correct place. I can tell {1} is the company name and {2} is the sales order number. But where do I get those numbers? I am used to using variables such as {transaction.something}


<style> .smalltext { font-size: 9pt; } </style>


<body style=’font-family: Verdana,Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif; font-size: 10pt;’>

Dear {1},<br><br>

Thank you for shopping at {6}.


Your order no. {2} has been fulfilled.<br><br>





Rookie Asked on October 29, 2020 in How To's.
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I believe you only use this template if you have NetSuite set to send fulfillment emails through it’s own mechanism.

Preference is called SEND ORDER FULFILLED CONFIRMATION EMAILS and is found under Setup > Accounting > Preferences > Accounting Preferences, in the Order Management, Fulfillment section.

If that is enabled then all you can do is customise the template with limited access to fields.


The fields are:

{1} is replaced with the customer name.

{2} is replaced with the order confirmation number.

{3} is replaced with the item list table.

{4} is replaced with the order tracking information.

{5} is replaced with a link to the Customer Center.

{6} is replaced with your company name.

{7} is replaced with the order tracking message and Customer Center link.


If you want more customisation, disable that preference and create a saved search that sends an email alert to the customer when it’s saved, or create an email template to use when a user send an email from the Fulfillment record. Either way you can construct a much more customised template referencing fields the way you’re used to, which one depends on whether you want it sent automatically or manually.

Cheers 🙂

Rookie Answered on November 5, 2020.
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