How do I create a report in NetSuite that has both Daily and Month to date sales?

I’m trying to help the accounting department at my company to show a report of both daily sales and month to date sales in the same report.

I want one column for customer category, another for daily sales, and a third column for month to date sales.

The accounting department already has the customer category and daily sales part of the report. I’m thinking I need to do a formula of some kind for the month to date sales.

Can this be done in a report in netsuite? Or would it be easier/possible to do it in a saved search?

Rookie Asked on January 27, 2020 in How To's.
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Yes this can be done in single report. Create a transaction search with the criteria below

Date Created  is in This Month

Account Type = is Income
Posting = is true

Add the below formula to the results


Name – Group


formula text – sum – Case When {datecreated} = {today} then {amount} else 0 end  Custom Label – Daily Sales


formula text – sum – {amount}   Custom Label – Monthly Sales



Beginner Answered on February 3, 2020.
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