How do I add Expected Receive Date to PDF Template

I am pretty new to Netsuite.  I would like to add Expected Receive Date to my Purchase Order PDF.

My first first question, is that when I edit the “preferred” checked Purchase Order that we are supposidly using (because it is checked preferred) that is not the report that prints out.


My second question is how do I add a field to the report, if I used advanced templates, will I be able to click “+” and add the field?  I could not find this field in the drop down lists.

Any assistance you can provide would be greatly appreciated.



Rookie Asked on December 7, 2022 in Other.
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Hey Faunna! Preferred means that a given form is going to be the default form that a user is shown, unless an alternate form has been assigned directly to their role.

Next, when using Advanced Templates, your UI form, Print Template, and Email Template are separate. So changes you may have made to the UI form are not automatically reflected in Print/Email, you need to edit those separately.

Lastly, to add a line level value like Expected Receipt Date. This field is not available from the editor so you need a basic understanding of HTML to get it done.

1- Right click on a column, and enter your new column.

2- Click the Source Code switch in upper right hand corner, this will convert the template into HTML.

3- Find the table that houses the header/line level info, I usually do this by by CTRL + F for an existing column name. Start with the header table.

4- Identify the column you added because it will be blank compared to the others.

5- Copy and paste from the Rate row, into the blank row.

6- Replace “rate” with expectedreceiptdate. (This is the internal ID of the field which was provided by the + button despite being greyed out)

7- Repeat steps for the line level of the table labeled “td”.

8- Click preview to make sure your template works. If it doesn’t, find and correct error. I suggest making 1 edit per preview so you can quickly find any mistakes.

9- Save template.

10- Go to form, and replace Print/Email template as desired.

Rookie Answered on December 8, 2022.
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