How can you get an Etail number for individual components in a kit?

We are currently using groups and trying to switch to kits.
The issue now is that the Etail number that comes from BigCommerce is only for the kit number, not the individual components of the kit. Without this Etail number, the website would not be able to update the inventory correctly.
We are a little stuck:
1. Stay with groups- which does not work as we need kits for correct inventory and for RF Smart
2. Do not worry about the Etail number for the individual items in a kit- which does not work as we would have incorrect inventory
Our outside help has said they have no solution, but we cannot be the first company that wants to see the individual components of a kit and have those items update correct inventory. This is why I reached out to see if you had any recommendations. Maybe we need to find another source of help, I just need to know if this is possible.
Any help is greatly appreciated.
Rookie Asked on August 6, 2021 in Items.
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