How can we add funds in pre-existing PO, which has exhausted?

I have recently hanged company and working on Netsuite for first time, Does anyone know the process of add funds in existing PO which would go for approval again.



Rookie Asked on March 9, 2022 in Purchasing.
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In theory, it’s totally feasible, since it’s a non-posting transaction. Check out “Non-Posting Transactions in Locked and Closed Periods” SuiteAnswer Id: 7655.  However, in practice, I would push back pretty hard on whoever is asking you to do this, as standard practice is usually to issue a new PO once the current one is used up.  Definitely sit down with this person and your accounting people all together and make sure that accounting is on board with this, as changing POs after the fact is a great way to sneak additional expenditure through accounting, whether innocently or maliciously.

Intermediate Answered on March 17, 2022.
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