How can I use the “created from, date created” field in Analytics?

In my transaction saved search, I am showing invoices created from sales orders.  I can also pull the sales order creation date with the following:


How can this be done in an Analytics transaction dataset?

The closest field I find is “{transactionlines.createdfrom#display}”, which gives us the SO #, but I cannot figure out how to pull the creation date for the SO.

Does anybody know how?  Thanks!


Rookie Asked on February 23, 2023 in SuiteAnalytics.
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You need “Related Transaction – Previous” in this instance. You might also want to look at the Link Type and/or the Type of the transaction to filter it to Sales Orders.

This is the new way of doing Applied To / Applying Transaction. And, as with that, some links are at header level and there are also links at line level.



Intermediate Answered on February 24, 2023.
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