How can I fetch Account and Account Balances data from NetSuite’s SOAP requests using lastModifiedDate?

Search Account : SOAP request (unable to fetch it with LastModifiedDate)

<searchRecord xsi:type=”ns1:AccountSearch”
<ns1:basic xsi:type=”ns2:AccountSearchBasic”
<ns2:isInactive xsi:type=”urn1:SearchBooleanField”>
<urn1:searchValue xsi:type=”ns2:RecordRef”>false</urn1:searchValue>


Rookie Asked on November 1, 2020 in Accounting.
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You won’t find account balance using a basic search. A basic search essentially does a search using the criteria you set and the results contains records. In this case an Account record which does not have a field for balance data.

Do an advanced search instead. It more closely matches what you can get from a saved search. Importantly it allows you to specify the columns returned in the response, one of which can be the balance. My advice here is to try it in the ui first to see what data you are working with. You will have a problem filtering by a last modified date, primarily because there is no field for that.

Advanced Answered on November 1, 2020.
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