Help: Units of Measure and Linking up Packing Slips to Master/Inner (or aka Outer/Inner)/Retail Unit Item Data


I have enough experience to reference fields correctly in the packing slip code inside of Netsuite. What I am challenged with right now is how to properly reflect key details of the inventory within stock Netsuite, as it relates to properly displaying the packaging type for each item.

First, I can’t find a good explanation as it relates to the differences between the Units of Measure:

– Purchase Unit – I understand this relates to PO & Item Receipt documents.

– Sale Unit – I understand this relates to SO & Invoices

– Stock Unit – I think this is Inventory Adjustments, Item Fulfillments? Not even sure.

What I am trying to achieve, and perhaps unit of measure is the wrong answer, is that a packing slip display the correct packaging context for the receiving team.

Order#1234 – Let’s say MyItemName/SKU is 108 units, and is sold by the unit. Inners: 12 units per. Masters: 3 inners per (or 36 units).

With the columns below in mind…

Line 1 – MyItemName/SKU – Mastered Ordered – Mastered Shipped – Inners Ordered – Inners Shipped – Units Ordered – Units Shipped

108 units should show: 3 masters ordered/shipped, 9 inners ordered/shipped, and 108 units ordered/shipped.

I hope this makes sense as to what I am trying to do. Same-same, if it is 100 units instead, it should show 2 masters, 8 inners, and partial (units) of 4 units ordered/shipped = 100.

It seems like I could just rename Purchase Unit to Master, Stock to Inner, and leave Sale Unit as is, but I don’t think that is reflective of how I understand these fields to reflect various conversions by each document, and not sure it would function the way I intend?

Rookie Asked on July 28, 2020 in Inventory.
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