Help setting up a custom field.

I’m setting up a Custom Field for an Inventory Transfer transaction.
Basically the field should list the employees allowed to realize an Inventory Transfer to keep track of whom dispatched the items. Up to this point I’ve alreday Created the field, assigned the List Type and filter by subsidiary. So far everything is fine, the field lists all the employees registered to the subsdiary.
But the moment I add the Role filter to list only the employees that have the specific permissions, the list becomes blank. Any ideas??

Help setting up a custom field.

Before this setup I was filtering by Job Position, and it did work. I’ve tried using the Source List, Source From and Source Filter By but haven’t had better results. Generally I get errors when using them.
Rookie Asked on February 14, 2023 in How To's.
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I tried setting this up and failed as well. The dropdown field ends up being blank.  Looks like a limitation in the system.

You might want to check out the approach done in this thread:

Or you can submit your question to this forum or raise a case to NetSuite Support.


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Beginner Answered on February 27, 2023.
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