Has anyone determined what the time-frame between requests is for NetSuite to consider requests “concurrent”?


The help does a great job in describing concurrency and how the restrictions apply to accounts. However, I cannot find what the time frame between requests is in order for NetSuite to categorize them as “concurrent” requests?  Do requests have to be a half second apart? a quarter second? Does it have to do with the time it takes for response to be sent back?

Let me know if anyone has found a good, concrete definition for what constitutes requests being concurrent. I assumed it would be a relatively small amount of time, since the Web Services logs are logged at the millisecond level.


Any/all feedback is much appreciated!

Beginner Asked on February 10, 2020 in SuiteTalk.
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Concurrency is usually processing multiple requests at the same time. Requests have a start time and and a duration (basically a end time). If another request comes before another request finishes, its concurrent with the unfinished request.

Time frame between requests is probably a bad measurement for concurrency.

Advanced Answered on February 11, 2020.
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