Get NetSuite live data without upgrading the account/ license

We are looking for a solution that helps us to get the live NetSuite client reports like balance sheet, income statement, Cash flow all on the standard tier.
Currently, we have a large number of clients and all are having a standard license. Upgrading all clients to the premium tier might not be acceptable by the management in order to increase the concurrency limit.
We have already looked upon the solution where we are directly querying in the NS database but that too has a concurrency limit.

We have also looked upon a solution where we are storing all the transactions of different databases and querying them to generate the report. That solution will also not work for us as in one of our projects we have to fetch the reports and added journal entries and again fetch updated reports.

Is there anyone who can propose a solution for how we can fetch live data for all clients without imposing the concurrency limit?

Rookie Asked on March 24, 2022 in SuiteCloud.
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