Editing an item group on SOs/POs

My main purpose in using item groups rather than kit/packages is because I need to edit the group directly on SOs and POs. I have successfully edited and saved item  groups on SOs and POs in a test account. However, whenever I edit any part of an item group on SOs or POs in the actual account, I receive this message: “You cannot edit the end of group line. You must delete the group.”

Does anyone know why I can’t edit the group directly on an SO or PO in the actual account, while the test account allows me to do this? And is there a simple solution (a preference, setting, etc.) that would allow me to be able to edit item groups on SOs and POs in the actual account?

Rookie Asked on May 5, 2023 in Items.
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It’s difficult to determine the exact cause of the issue without more information about the software or platform you’re using, as well as the specific settings and permissions of your account. However, based on the error message you received, it seems that the system is restricting you from editing the end of the group line, which may indicate that there are certain restrictions or permissions set up in your actual account that are not present in the test account.

The reason you cannot edit the group directly on SOs and POs in the actual account may be due to a restriction or setting that is different from the test account. It could also be caused by customizations or workflows that are in place in the actual account.

One possible solution is to check the permissions and access settings of your actual account and see if there are any restrictions that prevent you from editing item groups directly on SOs and POs. You may also want to check if there are any customizations or workflows in place that may be restricting the editing of item groups.

If you are unable to find a solution, you can try reaching out to the support team or a NetSuite consultant for further assistance. They may be able to provide more insight or guidance on how to resolve this issue.

Beginner Answered on May 11, 2023.
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